What about the RICH?

June 16, 2017

NOTE: The introduction (see below) is missing from this sermon... read on...

Imagine I came to teach a class on nutrition eating 3 cookies stacked on one another.

Imagine you are coaching a softball team and during the pre-game prep talk instead of standing with the rest of the group I have set up lawn chair and from this sidelines I yell, “put me in coach I am ready to play”

If I am a nutrition coach or a softball player there are certain things you expect NOT to see in my life.

That is simple the way it is with everything we are apart of. Likewise If we are a Christ follower there are certain things we expect NOT to see in the lives of those who call themselves Christians.

Intuitively we know that there are certain things that just shouldn’t be there… sometimes we know it when we see it other times it is a little more difficult to define.


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